Selecting Officials Step-by-Step Instructions


Step 1

Go to: USA Staffing - this will open a new window

Step 2

Click on Sign in with smart card and enter your Pin.

Step 3

Click Sign in.

Skip to step 5, if you are a selecting official.

Continue with Step 4, if you are a HR contact.

Step 4

Click on the caret to the right of your name. Click User Type, then on Hiring Manager User. This takes you to the Hiring Manager side of USAS.

NOTE: HR Contacts will NOT see certificates if they are in the Human Resources User Type.

Step 5

To access the certificates assigned to you, click Reviews.

Step 6

Click the Review Name link to open the review.

Step 7

A pop-up of review instructions will automatically populate including the expiration date of the certificate, who it was issued to, the DOI FIRES Applicant Contact Form, and links to further instructions. Click Close once read.

To review the instructions again, click the blue View Instructions button.

Step 8

Click on certificate you wish to open, then click the Review Lists button.

Step 9

For each applicant, in the Documents column, click the arrow to the right of the number to view the applicant's uploaded documents, such as the resume. A pop-up window listing all the documents will display.

Step 10

Annotate each selection and/or non-selection by clicking on the Select a Decision link under the Selection Decision column.

Selection Decision. This field displays the applicant selection decision(s) made. The options and definitions are:

  • Selected. The applicant has been selected for this position.
  • Alternate Selection. The applicant has not been selected for this position, but has been identified as an alternate selection.
  • Not Selected. The applicant has not been selected for this position.
    • Selected on a Different Certificate. The applicant has been selected at a different grade level for the same location and announcement number. 
      • Example: The applicant was selected on the GS-4 certificate instead of the GS-3 certificate for the same announcement/location.
  • Declined/Withdrawn. The applicant has declined or requested to be withdrawn from consideration for this position. The options and definitions are:
    • Withdrawn from Consideration. The applicant requested to be withdrawn from further consideration.
      • Example: The applicant states their availability for the summer has changed and they no longer wish to be considered for the position. Please provide an email from the applicant or document the date and time of phone call on the Applicant Contact Form.
    • Failed to Reply. The applicant did not respond to multiple contact attempts.
      • Example: The applicant was called two separate days and two separate times of the day (morning & afternoon). A voicemail was left in both instances, but the applicant never responded.
      • Example: The applicant was contacted via phone, but their voicemail was full. Next, the applicant was contacted via email, but the applicant never responded.
    • Declined Interview/Assessment.
      • Example: The applicant declined the invitation to participate in an interview/assessment. If the applicant declined via email, please provide the email. Otherwise, notate date and time of verbal conversation on the Applicant Contact Form.
    • Declined Location. 
      • Example: The applicant has declined the location you are recruiting for. Applicants should still be considered for any other locations they applied to.
    • Accepted Another Position with Agency. The applicant decided to accept another position within the same agency.
      • Example: The applicant was contacted for one BLM location; however, they state they accepted a different position at a different BLM location (regardless of announcement number).

*NOTE: Veterans must be coded to Selected or Declined/Withdrawn codes - with proper documentation.

DOI FIRES Applicant Contact Form and Instructions - Required to be completely filled out for any applicant who is not coded as Selected (e.g. Failed to Respond, Withdrawn/Declined, Not Selected, etc.).

When an additional certificate or new announcement is requested, a reason for not selecting each applicant needs to be provided on an Applicant Contact Form.

NOTE: In order to be eligible to receive an additional certificate or a new announcement, the current certificate must have 2 or less eligible candidates, per the SOPs Request to Recruit and Re-announce and Requesting Certificate of Eligibles.

Examples for using a "Not Selected" code for Non-Veterans: not available for start date, poor references/safety concerns, etc.

Failure to provide adequate justification will delay requests for additional certificates and/or announcements.

Step 11

At the bottom of the page, click on the Approval Status drop-down and either select Incomplete, Selection Made or Selection Not Made.

Step 12

Click on the Back to Assignments button on the bottom right-hand corner to go back to view other reviews.

Step 13

If you are a Selecting Official, you will need to notify your HR contact that you have made selection.

At this point, HR Contact(s) can review the certificates and click the Return to HR button, which returns the certificate back to the FPO.

NOTE: The selecting official(s) will not have the option to click the Return to HR button.