HR Contacts and Selecting Officials

Who is the FPO?

DOI FIRES Program Office

Who is the SPO?

Servicing Personnel Office (local HR)


Will announcements open if left unapproved?

Maybe – if the announcement is only for one location, an announcement will open once approved via email.

If an announcement has multiple locations, we will not withhold it from opening as long as at least one location concurs.

How do we request an announcement outside of Fall Recruitment (for announcements opening April through September)?

Please completely fill out the Announcement Request form or spreadsheet located on the DOI FIRES Website page - Announcement/Certificate Requests Links.


How do I obtain access to the certificates?

Completely fill out the Spreadsheet for Requesting Additional Access located on the DOI FIRES Website and email it back to DOI FIRES.

*Note: Typically (for PII reasons) two Selecting Officials and two HR Contacts is the maximum allowed.

When will I see the certificates?

HR Contacts and Selecting Officials should typically see certificates within 15 business days from the close date. Notifications will be sent via USA Staffing to your personal government email. During our busy season, this could take a bit longer.


Why are there Fire Contacts on the DOI FIRES website?

These contacts are made available for applicants, so they can reach out directly with their interest as well as questions that typically pertain to onboarding and job specifications.

We received a request to update Contact Information on the Fire Jobs website. What do we do?

At least once a year DOI FIRES emails a notification to HR/SO to look at the Fire Contacts webpage on the DOI FIRES website and check to see if the information is still correct within your location or needs updating. If Contact Names / Phone Numbers / Available Housing / Links for Additional Information need updating, please email the changes to DOI FIRES, and we will update the information on the website.

USA Staffing

Why can't I view the certificate?

HR Contacts must switch their profile from Human Resources User to Hiring Manager to view certificates. Once selections are made and the certificates have been returned to the DOI FIRES Program Office, they will need to switch back to Human Resources User to create the "New Hire" record and enter the information manually. If you still find that you cannot view the certificate, you may not have access. Please email DOI FIRES for Additional Access information.

I cannot Log In to USA Staffing?

DOI FIRES does not have access to assist with logging in to USA Staffing. We suggest submitting a Helpdesk Ticket with USA Staffing.