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Selecting Officials Step by Step Instructions for

Reporting Selections, Non-Use of Certificate,

or Requesting Additional Names


Step 1 Go to: QuickHire (https://hr.mgsapps.monster.com/doiff-ats) this will open a new window


Step 2 Login using the DOIFF username and password


Step 3 Click on Accept


Step 4 Click on the certificate for which you are submitting


Step 5 Annotate each selection and/or non-selection using the drop-down menu in the
Disposition column (far right hand column) on the certificate on the web.


If the certificate will not be used to make selection from, proceed to Step 6 below.


***ONLY use the codes below for DOI FIRE Certificates. Other dispositions in the drop-down menu are NOT acceptable.***


Disposition Codes 


DL-Declined Location 
FR-Failed to Reply

DP-Declined this Position Only

NS-Not Selected 

DX-Declined Further Consideration

NN-Not Selected-Not Contacted 

DZ-Declined for Other Reasons 

NC-Appointed by Non-Competitive Action 

RM-Removed from Certificate-Medical (FPO Use Only)

DA-Declined Agency 

RS-Removed from Certificate-Suitability (FPO Use Only)

DG-Declined Grade 


RQ-Removed from Certificate-Not Qualified (FPO Use Only)


*NOTE: Veterans must be coded to Selected, Declined, or Failed to Respond codes.


DOI FIRES Applicant Contact Form and Instructions

Required to be completely filled out and uploaded for all Declined and Failed to Respond Applicants.


Step 6 Select the Submit Certificate button at the top of the screen after all dispositions have been annotated, and complete all field provided as shown below


To:  Defaults to blm_fa_fires@blm.gov;


CC: Enter the email address of your Servicing Human Resource Office to report



Selection Official Name: Enter name of Selecting Official

Selection Date: Enter the date of selection

Options:  Select one of the statements from drop-down menu

    • I do not wish to select any of the candidates
    • I do not wish to fill the position at this time.
    • Please refer additional names.
    • Selection(s) completed.
    • Other – See Comments

    Comments: Use this block to provide additional information regarding non-selection of veterans; reason for non-use of certificate; requesting merged certificates; etc.

When using the NN-Not Selected-Not Contacted or NS-Not Selected codes for non-veterans AND an additional certificate or new announcement is requested, a reason for NN and NS codes needs to be provided in the comments field. 

As per SOP Requesting Recruitment Action/Reannouncement and Requesting Certificate of Eligibles current certificate must have fewer than 3 eligible candidates available in order to be eligible to receive additional certificate or a new announcement.

Examples of Reasons for NS and NN Codes for Non-Veterans: not available for start date, poor references, etc.

     Failure to provide adequate justification may delay request for additional certificates or      announcements.


     Signed: Check the box shown (by checking signed you are approving the annotoated certificate

     for submission to HR)


Step 7 Select the Submit Certificate Button at top of screen to submit information on    

selections/non-selections to your HR contact and the FIRES Program Office. NOTE: If you are updating anything on the certificate, you MUST click Submit Certificate again in order for the FPO to see updates. Clicking tthe Save button will only allow the SPO to view.  



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