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How to Apply Updated! 08/2020

YouTube Videos - 6 YouTube Videos with Steps on How to Apply
Note: Some steps in these videos, such as faxing, no longer apply in the new staffing system being used.
Effective July 2020

It's easy to create, edit, and store your DOI FIRES online application for seasonal wildland fire jobs.



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Follow the steps below to apply to DOI Fires Vacancy Announcements


Step 1   Go to:  www.usajobs.gov


Step 2   Create an account and a profile - Create an account and complete your profile with login.gov. For help creating an account / profile, click here.

Step 3  Sign In (if an account and a profile have been created) - Email/password/choose authentication method

Step 4  Resume - Instructions for uploading or building a resume, click here. You must build a resume with the USAJOBS Resume Builder or have an Uploaded Resume on your profile BEFORE applying. Select Documents (on the left-hand side of the screen); then click Upload or Build Resume and follow the steps.

Your Resume MUST include the following information:
- From and To dates (month/year to month/year) for each season and position held. (Ex: 05/2018 - 11/2018)
- Work schedule (number of hours worked per week) for all seasons and positions held. One year of experience is equivalent to 12 months at 40 hour per week (full-time). Part-time hours are prorated. You will not receive any credit for a position listed that does not include the number of hours worked per week.

- Grade level for each position and/or season worked in the federal service.

- Detailed description of duties for each position held / season worked.


Step 5   Search Announcement in USAJOBS - Learn how to search for jobs here.

a. Review Vacancy Announcement - Review the announcement thoroughly. The sections describe who is eligible to apply, what experience and/or education is required for the position, and which documents are needed for your application package. For more information about understanding the job announcement, click here.


b. Apply - Click the Apply link on the right side of the vacancy announcement. This will direct you to the login page for USAJOBS. Select your USAJOBS resume to submit with your application and proceed through the application process answering all questions. For more information on how to create an application, click here.

USAJOBS - Application Section:

1. Select Resume - A green checkmark appears at the upper right corner of the resume you select. (*Required - you will be unable to move forward until a resume is selected).

2. Supporting Document(s) - If applicable, attach all required documents (refer to 'Required Documents' section of each vacancy announcement). Select documents - green checkmark(s) appear at the upper right corner of documents chosen. Please click the Uploading Steps above for more instructions.

3. Review Package - Review your application package and click the acknowledgement statement located on the bottom right.

4. Include Personal Information - Fill out.

5. Continue with Agency - Click the Verification Statement check box to continue to the Agency site. Proceed through the application process answering all questions.

6. Review and click Submit

a. Click - "I acknowledge that all of the supporting documents I want to submit with this application have been assigned to an Accepted Document type on the Documents page."


b. Click - Submit

Application Agency Application Section:

1. Biographic Information - fill out

2. Eligibilities - answer all questions

3. Preferences - answer all questions

4. Assessment - answer all questions (required for all grade levels for you to continue to submit your application)

5. Documents - Assign the supporting documents you imported from USAJOBS to the appropriate document types listed. If the document you need was not imported from USAJOBS, you may upload it directly into this application. Please refer to Uploading Steps above for instructions.

6. Review and click Submit

a. Click - "I acknowledge that all of the supporting documents I want to submit with this application have been assigned to an Accepted Document type on the Documents page."


b. Click - Submit Application - You must complete the entire application process and be redirected back to USAJOBS to successfully complete your application to a vacancy announcement.

After Application Submission

Application Status - You can view your status on USAJOBS. You will be notified through e-mail if you are referred for a specific position/grade/location.


To Withdraw your application from consideration for a specific announcement

Contact the DOI FIRES Program Office via e-mail (blm_fa_fires@blm.gov) and we will update your status in the system.


Updating Your Application:


       Vacancy Questions

  • You have until the closing date of a job vacancy to edit your answers to the vacancy questions.  You MUST complete all steps below in order for your updated information to be received. 
    • Sign into your USAJOBS account.
    • Go to your Applicaitons and find the application you would like to update.
    • Click the "+" icon to see all of the application details.
    • Review the Closing Date - you can no longer update the application if the job is closed.
    • Click Update Application.
    • You will be sent to the Review of the USAJOBS application process and then click Continue to Agency Site - this is the final step in the USAJOBS application system.
    • Complete the remaining steps of your application in the agency application system.
    • Click Submit in the agency application system - your application will not be updated until you submit the application again.

       Resume/Personal Information

You may edit your personal information and resume at anytime during the open period of the announcement. After you edit your personal information or resume in My Account you must REAPPLY to the open vacancy announcement and complete the application process to overwrite the previously submitted information.

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